Friday, May 7, 2010

Time for "Photos"

We sold my DSLR last year... and then I got hooked on scrapbooking...;) so the unavoidable ending.. neglected my photography and been doing a lot of "Scraps" post... and so for a change..

I am doing a "Photos" post this time.. hehe!

I used my hubby's camera on this one.. We started a photography activity on Facebook where we invited all our photographer friends to join in.. It's called 'A-Z Just For Fun' fan page. Every Monday (we started last Monday, May 3), we get a new letter.. And those who want to join should shoot a subject that starts with that letter.. ex. A for Apple, B for Boxing, etc.. Then post it on the Fan Photos..:) As the title says, it's just for fun.. no prizes to be won.. no winners..:)

This activity gave me the chance to shoot again..:) At the same time not take too much of my time, since it's a weekly activity.. and we just need to be able to take at least one picture per week/letter..;)

So obviously, we start with 'A' (duh!).. ehehe!! And here's my take:

A for Affection... and/or Anthony (my hubby's name)..;) hehe!!

And here's my set up:

Info: Nikon D300 | 17-55mm @ 17mm | f8 | 1/5s | ISO 400

Excited for my 'B' next week! Thanks for looking!:)



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