Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another DIY Save-The-Date

Last week, I thought of doing another STD using Scrapblog.. I liked the last STD I did... but I felt that it's still not THE save-the-date for us.. you know what I mean??... Like it's nice and all, but it seems that something is still missing...

And then this......

Our pictures taken by Wally Gonzales

I SUPER DUPER LOVE IT!! It's just PERFECT for our wedding theme! And when you see our invites, you'll also know why...;) I'm also proud of the fact that I made this more or less from scratch..:) meaning I didn't use any of the free (already made) templates from Scrapblog, but just made use of their stickies and mixed them all up...:) I truly 101% heart this!:)


Monday, May 18, 2009

My Save-The-Date layout

Since I have been blogging a lot recently about our wedding preps and all in our WEDsite and my other blogspot.. and I have been intrigued by this digital scrapbooking.. I thought of practicing my "scrapbooking" skills by making our Save-the-Date cards!;)

I already posted my first try here. Not bad for a beginner, if I may say so myself! ahaha!! Then just last April 30, we had our first official prenup shoot with Wally Gonzales. Of course, having all these beautiful pictures from him inspired me to again create another STD.. so here it is:

Whatcha think?...;)


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Maternity Shoot - Stacey Tan Gana-Bravo

It's been a looooong time since I've posted anything in this blog. Sorry about that.. Been really busy with all the wedding preps.. yeah, I know excuses, excuses.... ehehe!! But, I'll definitely try to post more often...:) I also might change the name of this blog site.. but until I've thought of it's new name, this will do for now..;) ehehe!

Anyway back to this post, this is our first ever maternity shoot. My sister's bestfriend Stacey is almost due at the time we had this. And it was also her birthday that day! Ahaha! So here is just a few of the shots I took:

Date taken: February 13, 2009
Model: Stacey Tan Gana-Bravo
Location: Rouge Studio, Makati City
Gear: Tamron 28-75mm lens mounted on a Nikon D80


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