Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Ugly Duckling

Yes, this LO I made is like the "ugly duckling".. It started as part of a challenge at the Creative Divas' site called Ugly Paper Layout Challenge, where participants will send 2 of their ugliest papers to another person... then that person is supposed to create a layout using only those papers.. and here are the papers I got:

I honestly feel I got lucky with mine.. haha!! at least they match..;) They just looked "stained", which I was told by the sender was supposed to give the papers an "antique" feel.. Guess that's part of the reason why she felt they were ugly! hehe!

And then, hubby and I are currently studying strobing.. and we sometimes practice taking pictures of things.. then I thought of another challenge (still from Creative Divas) where it asks us to include in our LO ALL the 26 letters of the alphabet.. so I thought of taking this picture:

And of course, as always, the beautiful layout from Sketchy Thursdays: (unfortunately, I wasn't able to submit this at Sketchy Thurs, on time..:( I dunno what's with me lately, I seem to have lost my sense of time..:-S)

And so, combining everything... here's my layout:

Talk about turning trash into something, huh?..;) To compliment those "stained" markings on the papers (which is more evident on the blue striped paper), I decided to try the distressing technique for the first time..:P It made that second paper pop out in my opinion.. and then luckily, the blue gel we used to take that strobe shot perfectly matched my papers!:) Love how they all came together really well...:)

Hope you like it!:) and thanks for looking!:)

Update (March 22): My LO was chosen as the winner for the OhScrap!!!!~Use ALL 26 Letters of the Alphabet Challenge at the CSD!!:) I don't think I won any prize, but just being named the winner and having someone appreciate what I've done is already a great honor for a beginner like me...;) Happy happy!:)



Diana Fisher said...

That is very cool! Sorry you missed the deadline, but love that page and photo!


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